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Russian Checkers PRO

4.4 ( 4704 ratings )
Juegos Juegos de mesa Familiar
Desarrollador Academ Media Games, LLC
19.99 USD

Have you ever heard about such an amazing game? Russian Checkers - the unique hybrid of chess and billiard is in your device now! Originally it is played on a checkerboard and the aim is to knock the opponents pieces off the board with index finger. Try out a virtual version of the game!

How to play: White pieces are placed on the first row and black on the last. Take turn by flicking one of your pieces - swipe for it. If the move pushes one or more opponents pieces off, you have an extra move. The game ends when one color remains only.


- Old-school game with easy rules;
- Multiplayer mode;
- Simple control - just swipe your pieces!
- For all chess lovers - original way to play chess.